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As if you needed another reason to love her!

There's sort of an unspoken rule in fandom: do what you like, but don't bombard actors with fanart and fic. Sometimes fans break this rule, and sometimes celebrities come into fan spaces uninvited. Overall though, we've maintained a decent separation of church and state.

Basically "don't cross the streams".

But what if actors interact eith fans in good faith? Orlando Jones has been a part of the Sleepy Hollow fan community since its inception. As the lead acress of 'Agent Carter', Hayley Atwell has been advocating for more diversity in her show, shipping her character with her female costar, and is on her way to becoming the biggest fangirl of us all. I for one say: WELCOME. The more the merrier, right?

So here's what happened this morning...

It started last night.

She met actress Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon Carter in the Captain America dilms. To recap for those who forgot: Sharon is Peggy's granddaughter. She seems to have inherited Peggy's role protecting Captain America after he wakes up in the 21st century.

What did we learn from this tweet?

Not only is Hayley Atwell familiar enough with fanart to know that this exists, and she trusts the fans to help her out. That, and she's clearly all about sharing awesome stuff with her coworkers. Because actors and directors have become more accessible through social media, fandoms have a direct link to the creators of the original media that we love. Fandoms have been insular groups for a really long time, and I think there is potential for things to get awkward when people who don't understand us come into our spaces. But based on these interactions, it seems like there's a way for fans and media leaders to find common ground?

The fan response was immediate.

Clearly she was right to trust us!

We've got her back. User queerdeadpool (which is so real btw) sent her the art within seconds. Atwell then shared it with VanCamp, who as you see really appreciated it! The art (drawn by kelslk) is below. It features Peggy and a younger Sharon holding a Captain America toy. It definitely looks like one badass woman passing down her legacy to the younger generation. Isn't it adorable?

I'm glad Hayley Atwell is a part of the fan community

Sometimes it's hard to connect with people you have something in common with. The internet has decreased the distance between fans, but time zones are still killer, and often there isn't someone else in your neighborhood who wants to geek out with you. So I always want to welcome new fans to the community. That doesn't mean we should all start sending her our nsfw fanworks (unless she asks for them I guess). But Atwell is a direct connection to the original media. Fans have spent a lot of time being a separate entity. Could her involvement mean a new shift in fandom, allowing our voices to be part of the conversation instead of an after-effect?