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For many of us as adolescents, Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire was a crucial role model who taught us about friendship, boys, and, let's be real, fashion. The early 2000's played a big role in the sartorial choices of Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo, and we can all take a style cue or two from our favorite junior high gang we wish were still on TV.
Normcore done right.
Buckets hats, army print made girly, and a patriotic American flag? Lizzie and Miranda are so ironic in their tween dressing. Their attitude says it all; they know they look awesome but they so don't care.
Anyone can look punk rock with just a couple of small styling changes.
Anyone who knows Lizzie knows she ordinarily is sugary sweet, but her "tough punk" look here was easy peasy to craft; just put your hair half-up in multiple spunky high pigtails, and rock a ripped denim vest with some studs.
When you don't know what to wear, spend more time on your hair.
Lizzie and Miranda were the queen of funky updos, and their shared hairclip collection seemed endless. If everything in your wardrobe is boring you to death, you can always twist your hair into a bunch of knots or pigtails on top of your head, and no one will even notice what clothes you have on.
Speaking of updos, always match your outfit to your hair accessories.
Lizzie and Miranda's hairstyles were even more impressive because they often found scrunchies and pom-poms in the same color (or palette at least) as their clothes. If your outfit doesn't look the most put-together, matching any accessory to your shirt will elevate the look!
Above all, a phone and a best friend are the most important accessories.
Lizzie and Miranda were especially stylish together, and taught us the importance of stylish friends who you can coordinate outfits and share clothes with. A phone is an obvious must to talk about what to wear with said friends.
Also, to get their look today, you should probably go to Claires and stock up on actual accessories.
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Love the bucket hat, it's a classic.