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Vingle Kpop: Ultimate Bias List Up


Recently @PassTheSuga tortured us with the (awesome) Bias Wreckers challenge where we all listed the evil k-idols that WRECK our bias list. If you haven't made your list, DO IT NOW.
But what I really want to know, is

Who is your ULTIMATE BIAS?

VIXX's Leo won our Battle of the Bias challenge a few months ago, but I want to see if the feels have changed at all?!
OBVS I'm bound to VIXX's Hakyeon for life, but what about you?!
List your below or better yet -

make a card about WHY your ulti-bi is better than anyone else's (except mine, obviously LOL)

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My Bias is Lehun from EXO but I have a Bias for every Kpop group that I listen to. So to mame all my Bias would take a long time.
My ultimate bias is def Junhyung but my beast boys are all special in my heart
my UB goes to the soulful vocalist Daehyun of B.A.P^^ #ForeverWithBAP #iwillwait