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This tutorial is great for jeans that have gotten too short (nobody wants to rock high-waters). You can revamp those shorter jeans or a regular pair of jeans into studded cuff jeans. The studs add some edge and a unique flair to a classic pair of jeans. This tutorial comes from the wonderful people over at 21st Street Blog (the blog from Forever 21).
All you will need for this project is a pair of jeans, studs (you can purchase them a local craft store or here) and needle-nosed pliers (you can purchase those at a local hardware or craft store).
Cuff your jeans once so that you have a place to put your studs. Lay out your studs in a patter that you like.
Then, attach the studs to the denim. Push the stud through the fabric and then use the needle-nosed pliers to push the fasteners of the stud down to secure the studs in the fabric.
Make sure you like where you have place the studs — you can always remove the studs and reposition them. Ta da! You are done and ready to rock your unique jeans!
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This is so pretty! I must try