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A Match Made In Heaven

Love ice cream? Love cookies? Then chances are you love chipwiches, aka ice cream cookie sandwiches! To me, they are perfect.
Oh sweet ice cream cookie sandwiches. How I love you. And yet, surprisingly, I've never made them myself before! It just seemed like a lot of work. But wait 'til you see this amazing idea – there is no excuse for us not to make chipwiches at home THIS VERY NIGHT.
It's genius, I tell you! And when it comes to Ben and Jerry's, just imagine the amazing flavor combinations you could make...
It's that simple. If you make one of these deliciously cold and creamy treats, take a picture and write a card about it! :) I'd love to see what you come up with.
For more delicious desserts:
Yup, these are going right to my hips.
wow! good tip
Thanks @faver17a! :D I hope you enjoy a delicious chipwich very soon~
Forget hips! I'm just excited for these to go in my mouth lol @danidee