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There is a huge issue with the way Hollywood treats its female actresses. I mean think about it, if we (normal, not famous people) believe we are being held to impossible standards set by the media, can you imagine what it is like to be the standard everyone should live up to?
And while no body can escape the savageness of the reporters, there are very different focuses based on gender. Males are always reported based on their movies, TV Shows, clothing line, much younger girlfriends, and how their dad bods are just all the rage.
I'm sorry but I'm just a little confused... Because when women still have leftover BABY WEIGHT they are shamed for not being able to lose it fast enough. But Leo can eat a few to many cheeseburgers and start a whole new body image. What the fuck?
So the perfect Amy Schumer and a few other huge name bad ass women in Hollywood decided to point out the bullshit negative attention that comes when women become to old aka "their last fuckable day!"
And it has got to the the funniest way to approach a social injustice I have ever seen. You NEED to watch this video!
And don't worry ladies, you are all still smoke shows!!