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This may be the ultimate "WTF?" fashion moment that somehow turned into an iconic fashion statement. The cone bra became memorable the second Madonna stepped on stage during her Blond Ambition tour in 1990. No one had worn anything quite like it before.
The cone bra was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, who seemed to be somewhat obsessed with cone bra fashion trends.
This is Jean Paul Gaultier with some models wearing his designs the same year that Madonna debuted her cone bra.
Rihanna wore one of Jean Paul Gaultier's designs to Gaultier's show in 2010. It's pretty easy to see the cone bra influence in this piece.
The cone bra has influenced many other fashion pieces in pop culture history. Many fashion experts said Katy Perry's pieces for her "California Gurls" music video were inspired by Madonna's cone bra. Katy Perry's fashion for the video featured a cupcake bra and a bra that shot whipped cream.
Madonna came full circle when she wore another cone bra during her 2012 MDNA tour.
Ellen even rocked the iconic cone bra with Madonna in 2015, when Madonna was a guest on her show during Madonna Week (a week of Madonna appearances on Ellen).
Actress Ellie Kemper rocked her own version of Madonna's cone bra during an appearance on Ellen during Madonna Week. There are very few pop stars who have created such an iconic fashion piece.
And in case you forgot who runs the pop world (at least in her mind) ... watch this.