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In an ultimate Throwback Thursday move, I dare you all to remember Paris Hilton, style inspiration and beauty queen of the aughts. The socialite and at-times reality TV star has rocked many a look that's raised our eyebrows, for good or bad, and I'm picking her style standout moments from the past fifteen years.


The start of it all: the launch of The Simple Life. Just before it began, here's Paris at the 2003 MTV Movie awards, baring her belly and then some in this blue number, which emphasizes her trademark deep tan.


Before they were total frenemies, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie coordinated dresses, shoes, and blonde hair, down to their burnt orange spray tans.


Paris with her beloved Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, who was also her favorite fashion accessory through the early 2000's.


Paris posing with then-best-friend Nicole Richie in between the throes of their on-again-off-again friendship wearing her go-to headband and strappy dress combo for the time.


Paris looking exactly how you would expect at the launch of her removable hair extensions, which come attached to a headband, in 2008.


Everything about Paris' look at this Sanrio Helly Kitty party is so early 2000's, even though this was 2009. Channeling her heyday, I suppose.


Paris in Versace at the 2009 Grammy's, looking a little too much like a figure skater barbie doll to match her high fashion peers at this luxe event.


More recently, Paris at the 2012 Grammy's, looking surprisingly lovely and tasteful in Basil Soda. This is where I declare that her legacy dies, if she's dressing to fit in and no longer to drop jaws.

Which Paris was your favorite? Do you miss her tacky and trashy 2000's style as much as I do?

I need not remind you all that Kim Kardashian was once Paris' lowly assistant, hovering in her shadow, to reinforce just how dominant this blonde once was.
@shannonl5 I totally agree! While I hate most of the things she wore, I loved to hate them, and I definitely miss how outrageous she was.
I totally forgot all of these wow. I actually kind of miss her outrageous style. It seemed like after her sex tape leaked without her consent people were really mean to her and tried to ruin her reputation so her response was to just roll with it. Like "sure, call me those horrible names, look how much I care". It's not how I want to dress but I kind of admire her sass.