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Happy #throwbackthursday Nickelodeon fans! Rumors are circulating about the possibility of a Drake & Josh reunion. The brothers from another mother were a crucial part of my early teen years, and I'd love to see what the dudes have been up to since we left them in high school.
Has Drake become a famous rockstar?! Did Josh finally get to meet Oprah?!
In early June, Josh expressed interest in a Drake & Josh reunion, and a few days ago Drake agreed, they should do it! Drake, Josh and Miranda Cosgrove have remained close friends since the show ended which means making it would be easy, right??
(Unrelated, but I like to compare Josh Peck's transformation to that of Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter. Both shocking, both awesome.)
Anyways, I hope this reunion is in the works at Nickelodeon. It could be anything - a movie or just a couple of follow up episodes. Fans just want to know what their favorite brothers are up to now.
Who's as excited as me for this reunion??!