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^ This guy know what the deal is.

Sunglasses, don't-give-a-shit rest face, and the human flag. That's fun.
From the unified grunts in the weight-section, to the side-conversations on how to cook kale for 6-pack abs, the gym can get really damn annoying. If you're not into being confined into a closed space, or you just need something different to keep your body moving, I'll show you all the ways you can keep active.
Remember, you don't need the gym.
Or kale.
But that's a different topic, for another day...

Let's go outside!


Get your backpack, we're chasing legs of steel and stunning sceneries. This is a great way to burn calories and keep your limbs movin'. But, since you'll be surrounded by beautiful things and friends (if you want that), this will feel effortless. You'll probably wake up the next day with sore legs, though.
Mmm, the outdoors. ^_^

Running At The Beach

This hurts like a bitch. I don't care what anyone says, running on sand is really hard work. If you built up the tolerance for this, I will kiss the sand you laid your running sneakers on. The great part is you get to hear the ocean crash into the shore, and feel the summer's sun. But I'm gonna be real with you: this is a sweaty challenge.

Mountain Biking

I have a close friend who isn't really into the gym, but he loves mountain biking. I'm sometimes left holding my breath and covering my mouth with all of the tricks, dips, and jumps he does with his bike. Did I mention that my friend has super calves? Yeah -- they are intense. This might just turn in your next hobby, especially if you're into risky sports.


Can't handle the heat? Get into the pool! When I was on a mission to lose weight, while having summer fun, I used to hit the pool. You can swim for speed or for distance, just get that body moving.

Beach Volleyball

This is so fun! Back when I was in high school, I used to play beach volleyball with my friends a few times a week. You don't even realize how many muscles you activate during an intense game of beach volleyball. You're jumping, chasing, running, squatting, and keeping balance. This is by far, my favorite way to be active.