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Today, the final episode of the Hong Sisters' romantic comedy "Warm & Cozy (Jeju Island Gatsby)" airs, but will you be ready for tomorrow's inevitable K-Drama withdrawal?
I've decided to throw together a list of other shows and movies I would recommend with "Warm & Cozy" male lead Yoo Yeon-suk in them to help somewhat ease the pain. Parting doesn't always have to be such sorrow.
'Reply 1994' is the prequel to the super popular drama 'Reply 1997' starring Jung Eun-ji of A-Pink and Seo In Guk. In this installment, Go Ara plays a college student named Na-jung, who has to choose between a clumsy family friend (played by Jung Woo) and a college baseball player with who she shares a mutual crush (which is where Yoo Yeon-suk comes in). The typical love triangle plot plays out over a backdrop of South Korean life back in 1994, back when Seo Taiji and Boys and the Korean Basketball League first rose to popularity.
Where To Find It: DramaFever, Viki
So maybe Yoo Yeon-suk isn't the romantic lead in 'Gu Family Book', but you should watch it for him anyway because he does a great job as young nobleman, Tae-seo, who is curse to believe that Lee Seung-gi's character (his best friend) killed his father. (You should also see it for the fact that Seung-gi spends the entire duration of it being a badass 17th century gumiho, but all the Seung-gi stanning is another Vingle card for another day. Oh, and Suzy has a sword.)
Where To Find It: Netflix, DramaFever, Viki
Speaking of Suzy, did you know that Yoo Yeon-suk has a supporting role in her debut film, 'Architecture 101'? Yeon-suk plays the preppy Jae-wook, a fellow Architecture student that complicates the budding romance between college sweethearts, Seoyeon (Suzy) and Sungmin (played by 'Fashion King' star Lee Je-hoon). Come for the Yeon-suk, but stay for the throwback turtlenecks.
Where To Find It: DramaFever
And here's the one where he stars against the ubiquitous K-Drama star, Park Shin-hye! In 'The Royal Tailor', Yeon-suk and Shin-hye play the king and queen of a Joseon Era court that is rocked by a scandal when the queen is seduced by the royal tailor. (That's right. This queen has a bit of a wandering eye. Bad, Shin-hye. Bad.)
Where To Find It: Limited US Theater Release (Slated To Be Added to DramaFever)
@danidee I will definitely give them both a shot! ^^
@poojas You should watch them both! They're both cooompletely different dramas, but really entertaining to watch!
I think I might be watching Reply 1994 and Gu Family Book soon! He's so adorable! :D