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Celebrities get compared to a lot of stuff. But the other day as I was enjoying a delicious Oatmeal Raisin Cookie I couldn't help but wonder what type of personality would be that cookie...or any cookie for that matter.
So heres a list of what cookies celebrities would totally be! Enjoy and let me know if you have any other cookie, celeb pairings !
Oatmeal Raisin- Meryl Strep
She's a classic that everyone has known about since childhood. She's a bit of an older cookie, but its hard to beat her.
Chocolate Chip- Beyonce
Everyone loves the chocolate chip cookie, they can't help it. Just like everyone can't help but love Queen Bee. Keep on ruling America, we all love you both.
Sugar Cookie- Taylor Swift
Americas sweetheart. The sugar cookie is the perfect amount of sweet for our Country gone pop star Taylor Swift!
Peanut Butter Cookies- Kim Kardashian
You either love peanut butter or it makes you sick, and the same pretty much goes for Kim K. For the people that hate her, they might as well be allergic to her thats how bad they try and avoid the Kardashian brand.
Christmas Cookies- Macaulay Culkin
Because lets be real, both are only revenant during the holidays.
M&M Cookies- Eminem
Let me know who else would be an M&M cookie? But besides the obvious name, EVERYONE knows and has tried an M&M cookie when they were younger, just like everyone knows and tried loving Em during their preteens.
Spritz- Britney Spears
A cookie that will never go away no matter what. Just like our lovable Britney. We'll eat it if its the only thing there, but it most defiantly isn't our first choice.
Oreo- Kanye
The Oreo knows its the shit, just like Kanye does. They don't see black or white, chocolate or vanilla, they just see themselves. And they rock.
They also taste awesome with peanut butter...hmmmmmm Interesting...
Animal Crackers- Justin Bieber
All the little kids love Animal Crackers and no matter how rebellious Justin gets, he will always be a teen pop star. Sorry Justin, you might as well own it.
@LizArnone well the animal crackers was the right choice haha
the animal crackers lol
This is amazing! So on point!!
@danidee not gonna lie i am a huge fan of both the cookie and the person! although i am not sure how he would feel with his placement on the list haha
Yonce is totes the chocolate chip cookie. Because everyone loves her and she’s good to bring to any party!
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