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Understanding what a "proper" portion can get tricky especially if you don't have ay guidelines or other sources to reference before a meal. "This looks like it could be a tablespoon..." or "This feels like a half cup..." will not suffice when it comes to portion control and counting calories. If you're new to what exactly a portion is, it's very helpful to associate certain measurements with common objects, that way you and your loved ones can create an accurate representation of the foods that are filling your body.
Pasta: 1/2 cup = Tennis Ball
Vegetables or Fruit: 1 cup = Baseball
Meat: 3 oz. = Deck of Cards
Butter: 1 teaspoon = Thumb Tip
Fish: 3 oz. = Checkbook
Cheese: 1 1/2 oz. = 4 Stacked Dice
Peanut Butter: 2 tablespoons = Ping Pong Ball

Guilty Pleasures:

Muffin: 1 Large Egg/Small Light Bulb
Bagel: Hockey Puck
Ice Cream: 1/2 cup = Two Golf Balls
I thought the thumbs up was approval to eat the whole pack of butter
Stop telling people how to eat. This doesn't fit most people...
I don't have the balls, the dice or the check book so I'll just say "this logs like it could be..." or just eat! Lol