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Q-Tip knows how to keep fans on the edge of their seat.
The Tribe Called Quest MC sat down with Billboard magazine for an interview last week. While many were expecting Tip to be vague on details on his album (which has been in the works since 2012,) the talented emcee dropped juicy details on his project and other things G.O.O.D. Music.
When asked if he was working with ‘Ye on Last Zulu, the MC responded, “Yeah, Rick [Rubin] and I were gonna do the record, and Kanye went through different phases musically, so we’ve yet to reconnect on this project. We’ve met a few times and he’s kept me up to speed here and there on what’s happening. He’s done the same with my record. We’ve been talking about some ideas for my record as well. We’re still in step. It’s not like [Kanye] scrapped any of it, that’s a rumor.”
Apparently the lord has heard my cries, as we may be getting new music from the dynamic duo. Q shared news on additional potential collabs on the album as well. “Marsha Ambrosius and I have been writing, we have Beck, and talking to Fiona Apple and some other singers—they’re all going to be singing the choruses.”
Do I smell a joint track between Beck and Ye’? After all the stuff they have been through? Jesus grab the wheel.
The idea of Q-Tip and Kanye West collaborating on a track with Rick Rubin on production makes me so happy. I might be saying this super prematurely, but knowing my hip-hop tastes, there's NO way I could hate that song.
@danidee I totally agree with you on that one. Rubin has a great ear for production and knows how to exec produce a hit. I think Rubin has enough respect for Rubin to allow him to dictate the set up of the track some.. if so, Q-Tip may have single on his hands.