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Dear Friend,
I know you read that line and inwardly scoffed, or maybe just felt worse, because you don't feel like 'friend' is a title often extended to you. Well, put that thought aside for now. You are a friend to me, and if you'll let it be the case, I'd like to be a friend to you. Okay?
I don't know the specifics of you or your life. I don't know what your day-to-day experience is. I don't know who you love, or have loved, or whether that's even something important to you. I just want you to know that I love you. I love you for hanging on, for making it out of bed every day, or even just for cracking those lids. I love you not just because love is beautiful and necessary, but also for selfish reasons. I love you because it makes me feel better, it makes me feel good to love people. It took me a long time to see that maybe there are those who love me as well, though once I opened up to that love, loving became easier. Me loving you makes it easier for me to also love me. People say you cannot love other until you love yourself, but I don't believe that. I don't think you can love yourself until you know what it means to love someone else. To recognize their flaws as beauties, to see them at their worst and want to make it even a little better, all of that makes it easier to do the same in yourself.
So that's what I'm here to ask you, friend. I ask you to open up to being loved. You don't have to rush into loving someone else, but just acknowledge that it's possible for someone to love you. Know that I already do. Someone once told me long time ago that love is a leap, to be loved in return is a landing. So I want to give you that steady place to leap from. You have a platform, you are loved. You have the potential to love others, and yourself. Do not rob yourself of it. Do not deny yourself one of the most essential components of our experience as human beings.
Open up to love, and one day it will be easy. Do not forget your health. Health is more than just physicality. It's mentality, it's spirituality. One day, maybe, you will write a letter to strangers, letting them know of your love for them. Go forth and love, friends, as you are loved.
With love, always
Your Heart
More people need to think this way. Thank you for sharing.
Very well written...
Awww this made me feel so mushy and emotional!
This was truly inspirational!!! You left nothing unsaid and being an automatic skeptic of others sincerity usually needing to be earned over time this did not feel fake or insincere at all quite the opposite which can only be acheived when the words you write truly match your hearts intent! thanks for sharing this! I'll be sending this to a few wounded people I know that need to hear this!!!