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A few summers ago, I worked as a counselor at the local Rec Camp.

And man, did I hate it.

Each day was, essentially, a nightmare. I'm usually cool with kids, and truth be told they were (for the most part) the best part of the job, but I was working alongside shitty people and shittier superiors. It was hot, I had to wear a dumb shirt, the day was all sucked. Also, I was 17. So I was stupid and didn't understand what work was. But that's beside the point.
So, each day, the best part of my day was...well.. going home. Which is, I guess, how the summer usually works for most people. But I swear! This was real.
Enter Fake Problems.
(That's the name of the band, not the title I'm giving to my stupid complaints. IT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE I SWEAR.)
My drive to and from work was only like, 8 minutes each way. Which meant that coming home, I really only had one or two chances to get my song choice right. Mid-way through the summer, I found just the thing: their song, "Soulless".
I listened to this song every single day from the moment I discovered it until my last day of work. I would drive too fast down the local road, windows down. Sometimes I would yell. REALLY LOUD.
It's basically everything a summer song needs to be. Fast, memorable, simple (in its lyrics), mildly angry, VERY pop-heavy, with a killer chorus and a fast-paced ending.
Great card! I thought I was the only one that got OCD about which songs I listen to if I only have a short window of time to listen to them in my car. One time I was rocking out in my car like you did, speeding down the freeway, singing along to Radiohead's "Jigsaw Pieces Falling Into Place" as loud as I possibly could. And then a fly flew into my mouth and I almost lost control of the wheel because I was so freaked out that I'd just swallowed a bug. Anyway. Pro tip: Don't do the whole post-work jam session ride home with the windows rolled down too far.
This post is everything!! I could not stop smiling the whole time i was reading and listening to the song! thats a jammmmmmmmmm, defiantly the perfect pump up summer song which will be added to my collection. it also doesnt hurt that the lead singer is a cutieeeeeee
hahaha @danidee that is amazing. Thom Yorke probably programmed the bug right into your mouth, what with him having supernatural powers and all. Also, I freakin' love In Rainbows. So, word.
great card, really took me on a this song makes me feel free! Captures the essence of the summer perfectly! Always good to get exposed to new music!
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