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Talib Kweli, you now have Instagram’s attention.
Over the past couple of years, Kweli has been as noted as a social critic as he has for his music. We have seen him make appearances on late-night talk shows, in radio booths and at rallies. Music is now an avenue for him to spread his message.
Yesterday, Kweli posted an image of a white man holding a Confederate flag out of the passenger side of a car. In front of the flag is a sign that reads, “N—ER GO HOME.”
Instagram had mixed feelings about the post, and chopped it down from their account citing community standards.
Talib caught wind of his removed post and went on the attack on social media. “Wow @instagram removed my post,” said Talib on twitter. “ I posted pic of a dude waving a confederate flag holding a "nigger go home" sign & wrote "aka states rights.” After significant public backlash, Instagram restored Talib’s photo and verified his account.
Kind of a loose to use “community standards” to cut content off his page right?
Ugh Instagram is notorious for its crappy censorship. They need to suck it up and let people post relevant and constructive cultural critiques.
I agree, some times I think these social media platforms need to do a bit more digging on the person before just cutting things from an account. Twitter is notorious for this also. I had a friend who was in "twitter jail" for 2 weeks over a tweet they didnt like
I can see them removing content like that if it were celebrating racism, maybe they didn't look at the context or the convo surrounding the post? But sometimes you need to demonstrate what the issue is loudly and body to talk about it nd work to fix it