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Blood Type Diet

It's not your fault, it's your blood type's. Apparently, people with different blood types should eat different foods. Most of the population has blood type O. Here the prescribed diet is low-carbohydrate, high in proteins (such as meat and fish), and low in dairy products. The author suggests specific foods to avoid; such as avocados, brazil nuts, and oranges. Type O should also engage in lots of exercise. Blood Type A should avoid red meat, eat plenty of fish and vegetables, with a low dairy intake. Light exercise only. Blood Type B should avoid chicken and bacon, eat plenty of meat and dairy, some fish, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Blood Type AB combines the A and B diets. Sample Meal Plans for the Blood Type Diet Type B Menu Breakfast Fluidizer cocktail Rice bran cereal with banana and skim milk Grape juice Lunch Sandwich – thin slice of cheese, thin slice of turkey breast, two slices of bread, mustard or mayonnaise Green salad Herbal tea Snack Fruit juice sweetened yogurt Herbal tea Dinner Broiled Fish with steamed vegetables Fresh fruit Herbal tea or coffee Type O Menu Breakfast 2 slices toasted Ezekiel bread with butter 6 ounces vegetable juice Banana Herbal tea Lunch Organic Roast Beef, 6 ounces Spinach Salad Apple or pineapple slices Water Snack 1 slice of gluten free cake Herbal tea Dinner Lamb and asparagus stew, steamed broccoli, sweet potato. Mixed fresh fruit Herbal tea (beer or wine allowed) Type A Menu Breakfast Water with lemon Oatmeal with soy milk and maple syrup Grapefruit juice Coffee or herbal tea Lunch Greek salad Apple 1 slice sprouted wheat bread Herbal tea Snack 2 rice cakes with peanut butter 2 plums Green tea or water Dinner Tofu Pesto Lasagna, Broccoli, Frozen yogurt Coffee or herbal tea (red wine if desired) Type AB Menu Breakfast Water with lemon, 8 ounces diluted grapefruit juice, 2 slices Ezekiel bread, Yogurt-Herb Cheese, Coffee Lunch 4 ounces sliced turkey breast, 2 slices rye bread Caesar salad 2 plums Herbal tea Snack Tofu Cheesecake Iced herbal tea Dinner Tofu Omelet Stir-fried vegetables Mixed-fruit salad Decaffeinated coffee (red wine if desired)
hmm, I'm O. Looks like I am supposed to be on some atkins or south beach diet. lol
I'm an AB.... does that make me crazy? -_-
Most people think that I'm an O because I'm outgoing and I get along with many people... but I'm actually an A. Which goes to show that this whole blood type thing that Koreans hold on to so well, is a sham!
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