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Sooooo I made a list of all the names given in our Bias Wreckers Challenge and lemme tell you it was quite a list. We are indeed a very diverse community with different tastes and a lotta love to give. If you have not participated in our Bias Wreckers Challenge and would like to give it a go, I've linked the details here ←_← This boy's name came up a total of 4 times on the actual lists....but in the comment section it was pretty clear this boy has wrecked more than just 4 of our Vingle kpop fams bias lists. And this boy is.......*insert drum roll*
YES YOU!! \(^O^)/
Lol.....now Jackson has this self proclaimed "wild and sexy" persona....and I agree. He TOADilly does.....
BUT.....He's also....
Kind of a derp....
And he tends to be a bit of an attention hog. But how else would we be able to enjoy this boy if he wasn't up in our faces all the time?
And saying things like this....boy you need a time out  ̄︿ ̄ Slaying all the noonas out there.....go sit yourself in the corner....
But oh my dear Jackson....the Vingle Kpop Community hates to love you but loves you so much anyway.
Also that one where he innocently blinks, I read it too fast and thought it said 'barks innocently'....
@danidee oh this I knoww
I, too, am wild and sexy.
Such a cutiepie.
@Pass TheSuga just when I tell myself I'm a big gal now, u go and do this and elicit all sorta feels, Hmn!!!
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