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Poe is arguably one of the darkest, most profound writers of all time. His sweeping imagery and fearless gore-infused writing style makes him one of those writers you can't help but read. His profound contemplation of existence is often overlooked though. Get existential with these quotes from the prince of darkness.
This quote makes the aging process look like a nightmare. We have to appreciate what we're doing and living with now because it may never be as good again. In short, it makes you question how grateful you are for your present circumstances.
You could sit for hours and ponder this one. Are we sane? Insane? Does love make us insane? It puts into perspective what a massive undertaking love and the connection to others is.
What is actually beautiful? Nobody can really quantify that, but Poe knew that for anything to be truly beautiful and unique has to have a degree of the unknown in it, or "strangeness" as Poe says. This can make you question what you think is beautiful or not.
Compromise exists in all professional endeavors, and in life, but you can't let go of your true self in order to make something happen, because it'll be forced and not as good as if you were to do it on your own, in your own way.
Poe knows to err is human. He's also kind of a pessimist, his view that man does not evolve, only worries more because there is more information available works and speaks to his indelible darkness.
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Yes I have like four of these quotes on my IG. He is arguably my fav author and poet.
omg annabel lee is one of my favorite poems
It's beautiful. I love his prose. @winterhaven
ikr the whole poem makes my heart melt I'm so sad that when he was alive no one saw him as a true writer until he was gone @TessStevens
"Deep in the Earth my love is lying And I must weep alone." This poem is from Poe and to me it truly shows the depth of emotion that a person can experience. This poem made me question everything. I am forever grateful to Edgar Allen Poe for changing my life and shedding light and dark into it and making me think about everything!