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Freedom is a Registered Trademark

Freedom is a name
we gave to elected


Freedom is empty
it means nothing without


and is impossible
as long as we have


Freedom looms over us
like stormclouds against horizons


They say the enemy encroaches
upon our right to missle-delivered freedom


Here's you hot-n-ready poem of the day, inspired by today's daily lyric. The lyric comes from Iron and Wine's "Freedom hangs like Heaven" -
"Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone
ain't nobody knows what the newborn holds
but his mama says he'll walk on water
and wander back home"
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MSBI vs Power BI Tools
MSBI & Power BI are both popular services in the Business Intelligence World today. S o, here‚Äôs an article comparing both, MSBI vs Power BI, for your readers. that represents data so much better. Now, remember, MSBI is a product with ETL capabilities. It Extracts, Transforms & Loads Data, can organize and visualize multidimensional data, whereas, Power BI is a Data Analytics tools that offer Data modeling capabilities, including data preparation, data discovery and creating interactive dashboards. Hence, it wouldn‚Äôt be fair to compare both of these products. To get in depth knowledge on Microsoft business intelligence, enrich your skills on¬†msbi online training professionals However, we can compare the reporting tool from both of these services. So basically, when I say MSBI, I‚Äôm going to talk about only one of the SQL Server Data Tools ‚ÄĒ SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) And when I say Power BI, I‚Äôm only talking about the Power BI Desktop, as it‚Äôs only fair to compare one reporting service to another. Following are the criteria on which the comparison shall take place through for MSBI vs Power BI: 1. Definition 2. License 3. Implementation 4. Benefits 5. Learning Aspect 6. User Experience 7. Data SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Service is a BI Service for data analysis and generating reports on Server Based Data. It was developed in 2004 by Microsoft, along with its Data Analytics(SSAS/SQL Server Analysis Service) and Data Integrating(SSIS/SQL Server Integration Service) counterparts. It is a comprehensive extensible reporting platform and includes an integrated set of processing component and programmatic interfaces. It is used to design test and deploy the report. Power BI, which is also developed by Microsoft in the year 2017, is a data analysis tool, which can be used for reporting and data analysis from the wide range of data source. Power BI desktop allows its users to create and publish reports on the fly, which the end-users can view using any browser. It is simple and user-friendly, which helps business analyst skills and empowers users to work easily on it. It is very useful for the analysis of complex and huge data-sets. It is widely used for modeling and structuring of unshaped data. Implementation: MSBI vs Power BI The biggest difference between these two systems is the way in which they are deployed. Power BI is a cloud-based software and is hosted on the vendor‚Äôs servers and accessed through a web browser, whereas, MSBI is an on-premise software is installed locally, on a company‚Äôs own computers and servers. The fact that both of these services are equally promising, has led to an ongoing discussion about the superiority and the security concerns of one over the other. In the case of Power BI, hardware failures do not result in data loss because of networked backups. Cloud computing uses remote resources, saving organizations the cost of servers and other equipment. A utility pay structure in Power BI enables users to only pay for the resources they use. However, with the rise of cloud-based services, fear comes into play. After all, you are trusting someone else to host your data, aren‚Äôt you? This fear is so widespread that many IT leaders believe that these powerful cloud services are a security nightmare. Benefits: MSBI vs Power BI Both of these services have their own benefits. While SSRS by MSBI has a better drill-down capacity Power BI, on the other side, has a plethora of rich visuals that represents data so much better. Which basically means, in MSBI, information to detailed data which is categorized by/focused in on a certain factor, is reached for effectively. But Power BI is a better Analytics tool due to its Data modeling capabilities and a strong visuals representation of data. Also, since, it was designed to improve the Self-Service capabilities of older SSRS, anybody who can visualize data can use it easily. Get more info at Msbi Online Training Hyderabad License The free version of MSBI lasts for 180 days followed by charges = $931. Power BI‚Äôs free version lasts for 60 days followed by charges = $9.99. NOTE: The pricing I‚Äôve mentioned here are only the base price and there are other versions of these services and the prices vary for each of them. Learning Aspect Power BI is a graphical tool. So, through drag and drops, you can fulfill most of your requirements. But its background processes are hidden and you can‚Äôt understand how it processes internally. In SSRS, the developer has to do all the coding and designing of the report, therefore, the developer has a better picture of the process. User Experience Power BI has more of a graphical component as compared to SSRS. This makes the former way more efficient and easier to use, making SSRS the more manual and difficult option for analysis and generating the reports. Data Power BI can deal with structured as well as unstructured data but its data capacity is limited to 10 MB or 33,000 rows of data. SSRS deals with structured and semi-structured data and doesn‚Äôt put that much stress on the data engine, hence, you can create larger reports on it. Conclusion: MSBI vs Power BI SSRS is for your pixel perfect, operational reporting. Power BI is first and foremost an analysis tool, it allows you to visualize your data in different ways in order to allow deeper understanding of your business. Till now SSRS has a lot of presence but now Power BI has made its presence known across all domains. The choice between Power BI and SSRS would most likely be straightforward and driven by requirements. If your organization only uses paginated reports on-premises, you will decide that SSRS is a more cost-effective option. On the other side if you have the need to render interactive or analytical reports on-premises, or you already have SQL Server Enterprise Edition with Software Assurance, then Power BI Reporting Services will likely be your preferred choice.
How to connect to a TP-Link range extender with Wi-Fi
Today we are living in a world where the Internet has become a daily need for everyone. We are living in a time where the Internet is taking over everything. Anything you want to know the Internet will tell you. Good internet is what makes it easier for everyone. TP-Link range Extender is all that you need for your Internet boost and large area range. It has become one of the most leading networking technology. It not only offers multiple devices and services but also removes the dead spot of your house. It becomes the most advantageous when it provides a wireless setup. Now, here comes the question that how to connect to a TP-Link Extender with your Wi-Fi? So here you go. Have a look at the below steps to connect the TP-Link Range extender to the Wi-Fi: Step 1: Choosing an Ideal Location TP-Link extender takes the signals from the router and spread it to the dead zone. The position of the extender matters a lot. Place it at a central place where it could be near to your router also. It should also be placed away from electronic devices such as chord phones and microwaves etc. After choosing the right spot for your extender you are ready to set it up. Step 2: Logging into the TP-Link Extenders If you want to login to TP-Link Extender, first you need to connect your TP-Link Extender to your Wi-Fi. You don‚Äôt need the Internet to access the web-based interface to wireless TP-Link range extender. The following steps will help you with how you can connect your extender to your Wi-Fi and log into it. ¬∑ Connect your computer to the LAN port of the TP-Link Extender by using the Ethernet cable. ¬∑ Go to ‚ÄúNetwork‚ÄĚ under the control panel and assign your computer a static IP address. ¬∑ Now, launch your browser and type TP-Link Extender‚Äôs default IP address. ¬∑ Hit the enter key and you will see the TP-Link extender‚Äôs login page. ¬∑ Now, enter your default username and password and you are good to go. Step 3: Accessing the Extenders‚Äô Configuration Page After connecting the TP-Link extender to your Wi-Fi, you need to login to access and maintain your extender. But if you are stuck with the login using the IP address you can follow these steps. First, open your browser and type and then hit the enter key. After that, you will be directed to the login page. On the login page, enter your default username and password. You will see the web home page for the TP-Link extender where you could access and maintain your extender as you want. Conclusion: The TP-Link extender provides you the best and the wireless technique to connect your Wi-Fi and extender without much effort, which makes it the best choice. You can easily access the TP-Link extender and enjoy your internet without any disturbance.
Funnel Base Review ‚Äď Jeff Bezos Is Doing This- INTERESTED?
Funnel Base Review Autopilot Technology- Capture Testimonials, Reviews And Product Proof Hey, Just imagine you‚Äôre walking down the street and you‚Äôve got to choose between 3 pizza outlets. First has zero customers, second has 15 and third has 35 and a long queue waiting for their chance. Which one do you trust to have the best pizza? Simple, the third one only as it has MORE customers. That‚Äôs the power of social proof. They‚Äôre the ultimate business growth ignitors that let you take advantage by sending automated review requests on your website, through email and even on social media. You can show these as product reviews or star ratings and so much more and you control all your social proof from one central dashboard. Funnel Base is an amazing platform that lets you manage your social proof easily. It lets you send automated product review requests from your site, through Email, and even on social media‚Ķand so much more‚Ķ Funnel Base is this easy to set up- 1) Log in to Funnel Base. 2) Create a funnel using our newbie-friendly, step by step wizard. 3) Add just one line of code to any page or integration. (we show you how) 4) Funnel Base starts displaying powerful social proof that breeds even more social proof. 5) You will be reaping the benefit of increased conversions, leads and sales all from free traffic. Taking advantage of social proof has never been easier, so grab it today before the price goes up! You will be amazed at what Funnel Base will do for you and for your business. Please keep reading my Funnel Base Review for further details. Funnel Base Review ‚Äď Product Overview CreatorCindy DonovanProductFunnel BaseLaunch Date2020-Feb-25Launch Time09:00 ESTOfficial websiteClick hereFront-End Price$27BonusesYes,¬†Huge BonusesSkillAll LevelsGuarantee30 Day Money Back GuaranteeNicheTool & SoftwareSupport–ēff–Ķ—Āt—Ėv–Ķ R–Ķ—ē—Ä–ĺn—ē–ĶRecommendHighly recommend! Funnel Base Review ‚Äď What Is Funnel Base? Funnel base is a SaaS platform with which you are able to send automated product review requests through email, on site as well as social media ‚ÄĒ after that display them as star ratings, product reviews and more importantly in a stunning, instantly live, animated and completely customisable widget. These social proof boosters can be displayed anywhere on your website giving a more targeted customer experience and adding massive social proof for higher sales conversions. Another incredible thing about Funnel Base is that, you can actually coordinate it with anything, when you start from WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and much more. However, in the event that you use WordPress, their reward will make it much simpler by simply interfacing, activating and afterward showing. There are 14 different high impact conversion campaign types available: Social Proof, Latest Conversion, Customer Review, Conversions Counter, Live Counter, Leads Capture, Email Collector, Request Collector, Countdown Collector, Users Retention, Scratch Coupon, Social Share, Emoji Feedback, Score Feedback, Info Marketing, Video, Informational, Cookies Alerts So don‚Äôt hesitate to check out the next parts of this Funnel Base Review as I‚Äôll show you how powerful it is! Funnel Base Review ‚Äď About The Author The charming lady behind this is¬†Cindy Donovan, who is a¬†gratefully¬†successful internet marketer. In the¬†13+ years of online marketing, she has developed multiple award-winning software tools and¬†been blessed to help over 100,000 customers find easier, faster and better ways to market online. Some great products launched by this talented female vendor are ¬†Hammock Suite, Traffic Ivy,¬†DFY Hero,¬†Funnel Joy, Videtar, Drop Gecko, Soci Jam, Pixly Pro, Convert Commissions, WP Blazer Suite, Viral Loop, and many more. After carefully testing many business models over the years and listening to many of her customers, she decided to build¬†Funnel Base which can be considered the simplest, most reliable way to building a solid, legitimate online business. Roll down to see all the features in this platform. Cindy has based in IM world for 5 years, she and her team have created many tools and softwares, they get a lot of compliments from their users and always thousands of copies were sold out for each: Funnel Base Review ‚Äď Features and benefits There are 4 main types of booster you can monetize with the help of Funnel Base BOOSTER TYPE #1: PROOF When you think of¬†social proof widgets, this is the most common type you‚Äôll see on many of the high traffic websites, like Amazon or even many popular JVZoo products. You‚Äôll see an¬†animated popup,¬†displaying the details of a¬†verified customer or person who has signed up. What‚Äôs a little less common, that you‚Äôll now be able to do ‚Äď is to display reviews, randomizing between star ratings or written testimonials ‚Äď or even¬†video testimonials recorded directly in the person‚Äôs browser. BOOSTER TYPE#2: LEADS With¬†Funnel Base, you can place stunning optin forms in your widget, designed to match your website. You can even add¬†countdown timers for extra urgency. Or if you‚Äôd like to build a list of mobile phone numbers you can do that too, which is perfect for offline clients and local businesses. BOOSTER TYPE#3: RETENTION It helps you get people to your site and make them want to stay there using these highly engaging retention tools. Set up a¬†scratch and win campaign¬†that works as an interactive sales booster. Then prompt people to share your page with the¬†social share¬†selection. Or if you want to get really good results, use the¬†emoji feedback¬†or¬†score feedback¬†types. BOOSTER TYPE#4: INFORMATION Want a fast popup, encouraging people to click¬†and take action? Then this is for you!¬†You can use these to¬†advertise a special download, an affiliate promotion or display a video¬†too.¬† Or, if you need a¬†cookie notification¬†or to add some more information to engage people at exactly the right time then you‚Äôll love these information options.¬† And the huge benefits come up with: Complete Beginner Friendly Software! Extremely beginner friendly and easy to use, even if you‚Äôve never done anything online ever before! Stunning Ready-To-Go Templates: Speed up your results using our perfectly crafted, high converting templates ready with a single click 100% Cloudbased & Fully Hosted:¬†There‚Äôs nothing to install or fuss with. Just one line of code and a simple dashboard to manage it all 14 Inbuilt Proof Types: Giving you all of the resources you need to make every part of this system work for you, to use as much as you like Automate Reviews, Traffic & Sales:¬†Capture emails and reviews. Display testimonials and social proof with absolute ease 5000+ FB Community & Easy Training: Unlock the full potential of this software, seeing live case studies and getting real feedback & guidance Full Integration With Other Apps: Funnel Base¬†perfectly works with many popular apps such as¬†Zapier,¬†Cloudflare, Wix, Joomla, GoDaddy, Clickfunnels, WordPress, Podia, Shopify, PayPal,¬†etc. You can connect to virtually¬†any service online. If you can‚Äôt make it work, they‚Äôll teach you how. How Does Funnel Base Work? To start profiting by using¬†Funnel Base, you only need to carry out the super simple process consisting of 3 simple steps: Step 1:¬†Log in Step 2:¬†Add an available script code and start making campaign Step 3: Customize your campaign See, even beginners can carry out these easy steps! If you still feel confused with Funnel Base, you can watch the demo video below: Who Should Use Funnel Base? With¬†Funnel Base, whatever you‚Äôre doing online, it has the perfect function to make it better, easier and much more profitable than before. In my opinion, it‚Äôs a genuinely perfect solution for those who belong to the list below: eCom store owners: Sending automated emails to your customers asking them to leave reviews explodes your know/like/trust factor Digital product owners: Displaying¬†sales notification, with names, photos, location ‚Äď and even the specific product names automatically Local business owners: Showing notices about what they‚Äôre doing in-store, or using it to capture emails and get people on their lists Social media marketers: Growing their brand, their authority, interaction and reach by adding just one line of code In fact, anyone, in any niche or target market can use this to get more sign-ups, more traffic and convert more curious visitors into buyers. PROS AND CONS PROS One line of code to your page for almost limitless display options Incredible increases in engagement, social proof and conversions Social proof for any funnel page, bonus page, ecom store, website and more Easy and smart way to improve and prove your success Automatically capture testimonials, reviews and product proof Automatically capture emails and display optin and sales proof from your site Simple/beautiful setup wizard, no tech skills needed Many one-click integration options including Zapier, Shopify, JVzoo, Autoresponders & more Powerful (verifiable) social proof to improve sales, trust and conversion on your site using existing customers Add CTA‚Äôs, email optin forms and more to your pages too Use any review as and advert or post on social CONS I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet. Funnel Base Review¬†‚ÄstIs it worth buying? Funnel Base¬†lets you manage your¬†social proof¬†easily by adding just one line of code to your page for almost endless display options on any¬†funnel page,¬†bonus¬†page,¬†eCommerce¬†store,¬†website¬†and more. This is a truly smart way to make¬†incredible increases¬†in engagement, social proof, and conversions. It has never been easier to automatically capture¬†testimonials, reviews, product proof, and display them on your site. No tech skills needed. Do you know what is the¬†second part¬†people usually read after going through the feature part? Yes, it‚Äôs the testimonial. Because they are not likely to become the¬†first person¬†to experiences a product or service. So,¬†Funnel Base¬†is absolutely the¬†ultimate way¬†to show your buyers¬†powerful¬†verifiable¬†social proof¬†to improve¬†sales, trust¬†and¬†conversion¬†on your site using¬†existing customers. You can use¬†any review as an advert¬†or post on social. Your reviews are not only seen by your prospects progressively but also are delivered in¬†the most professional ways. As a result, you will easily obtain¬†more trust¬†through the reviews‚Äô content as well as their appearance. Like I said above, there are¬†14 campaign types¬†for you to use, and you can even¬†mix them together¬†so they won‚Äôt be boring and out-of-dated. Just¬†less than $1 a day¬†and receive back¬†huge revenue¬†over and over again, it is nothing more than a¬†profitable deal¬†for you. Funnel Base¬†is exactly what you‚Äôve been looking out to¬†live your dream life¬†and enjoy the¬†lifestyle¬†you deserve. One more thing might be important to your mind is that you can receive just¬†NUMEROUS valuable bonuses¬†from both product creator and me. This section features the creator‚Äôs bonuses which will go on well with today product. Mine, which are divided into different types, are presented in the last section. So that after you already understand the product, you can by the way pick something helpful for your business. Add On #1:¬†Insta-Ad Traffic Booster If you want an almost¬†unfair advantage¬†over your competition, you‚Äôll LOVE this bonus addon. Funnel Base¬†will¬†capture reviews,¬†testimonials¬†and more and with this addon, you‚Äôll be able to click a button and turn each of these into a¬†ready-to-use advert. Social proof is the¬†most powerful form¬†of social media advertising. With this addon, you‚Äôll be able to¬†leverage each review¬†and¬†rating¬†for¬†viral advertising¬†ready at the click of your mouse. Your ads are¬†beautifully formatted¬†and¬†ready to go¬†for most advertising platforms including¬†Facebook, Instagram, Twitter¬†and many more. Don‚Äôt write ads¬†ever again! Get¬†Funnel Base¬†today and you‚Äôll get this bonus added to your account totally free. Add On #2:¬†Interactive Workshop Bonus Launch Exclusive Making your funnels is easy, you can have yours active in moments, literally anywhere you‚Äôre already getting traffic and want¬†more sales. But what if you‚Äôre just starting online? Or if you‚Äôve been trying to make money for a while, but never really sure where to start? That‚Äôs where our bonus training event comes in! To give you the best¬†Funnel Base¬†start, you‚Äôll receive an¬†exclusive invite¬†into their fully interactive¬†14-day challenge program. It begins on¬†March 5th¬†and takes you step-by-step through¬†setting up an entire campaign, giving you a LOT of¬†bonuses,¬†high-value¬†software tools, done-for-you¬†resources¬†and more. Each day you‚Äôll receive amazing¬†resources, gifts & a short training¬†video, showing you exactly how to make the most of¬†Funnel Base¬†even if you‚Äôve never done anything like this before. Many members who‚Äôve taken part in the challenges before have gone on to earn their first dollars online, with¬†more experienced marketers¬†equally as excited, discovering cutting edge techniques and receiving many¬†valuable gifts¬†along the way. This is a free,¬†Funnel Base¬†member-only, community event¬†you‚Äôll be raving about for years to come. There is¬†NO high selling pitch¬†or product they‚Äôre pushing you to buy. Everything you need is given to you as part of their training. and more: Pricing For a limited time, you can grab Funnel Base with early bird discount price in these options below. Let‚Äôs pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone! Front-end: Funnel Base ($27) Option 1: Funnel Base Starter Pack: $27 Option 2: Funnel Base Deluxe: $27-$37 (price increasing over launch) Let‚Äôs see below to know the differences between the two options: Well, I really like this app because it enables me to make a killing without having to fork out a fortune for anything. Plus,¬†Funnel Base¬†offers you a¬†30-day money-back policy. So, if you think that Funnel Base is not the right tool for your business, just send an email to the producer and get your refunds!¬† And, you should buy¬†Funnel Base¬†now because the price will go up soon. Launch Pricing Schedule: Tues, 25th Feb. Day 1 9am: Earlybird Is Live ‚Äď FE Standard Licence starting at¬†$27.00 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.17 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.23¬† Wed, 26th Feb. Day 2 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.27 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.47 Thurs, 27th Feb. Day 3 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.57 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.67¬† Fri, 28th Feb Day 4 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.87¬† 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.97¬† Sat, 29th Feb Day 5 (Leap Day Special! Price Lock For 24hrs) 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.97¬† 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$28.97¬† Sun, 1st March. Day 6 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$29.47¬† 11:59 pm PT: end of launch ... $67.00¬†‚Ķ $20 coupon code¬†SAVE20¬†(making price $47.00) One week later Morning ‚Ķ post launch pricing, coupon will no longer work ‚Ķ¬†$67.00 OTO 1: Premium Upgrade ($17.97/m ‚Äď $37.97/m)¬† <<Click Here To Read More>> This is your ultimate, never-before-released opportunity to pay one time and lock in benefits that will pay off for years to come. Upgrade To 25 Added Funnels You‚Äôll be able to add 25 extra websites to your account, where you can add as many Funnel Base widgets to (this is in addition to either 1 or 5 you purchased on the last page) Unlock Unlimited Campaigns Add your choice of campaigns to each of your funnels. Create and display as many on each page as you like, pointing out different features or reviews as they scroll down the page ‚Äď or a different one when they try exit your site Send 150 Automated Review Requests Automated emails go out asking people to review a product they just bought. This is the real ‚Äėjuice‚Äô of Amazon‚Äôs success. You‚Äôll be able to automate sending to more people without having to write a single email. Display 50,000 Widget Impressions With the current level of membership you have, your widgets will display up to 5,000 times a month before they stop showing. This upgrade will ensure they‚Äôre always doing their job so you get the maximum value out of every visitor who arrives on your page OTO 2: Agency License ($67.97/m or $97.97/m) <<Click Here To Read More>> Create Campaigns & Sell Them As A Service.¬†If you can show a business a clear way to turn $50 into $100, there are very few business owners who would turn down that offer‚Ķ Funnel Base makes setting up an ongoing service on a website easy ‚Äď so they‚Äôll have a continuous flow of reviews and fresh customer generated praise on their sites. You just need to add the single line of code‚Ķ Funnel Base Agency level opens up new avenues for you to do this on more sites and even let YOU add your own logo (or charge a premium, to brand it with their own) 100 Funnels:¬†Install Funnel Base on more websites Unlimited Campaigns:¬†Different types of widgets and variations you‚Äôre able to create in each of your funnels 2500 Review Requests:¬†Number of people automated emails will go to, requesting reviews 250,000 Widget Impressions:¬†Number of times popups can display each month Funnel Base Review Conclusion In conclusion, this is a must-have in any online marketers‚Äô toolkits. Social proof is becoming an essential part of gain customers‚Äô trusts and we all know no trusts mean no sales. I know you have many options out there to do the task but¬†Funnel Base offers the simplest, craziest and most effective method which both saves time and money in the market now. Especially, your small investment is fully protected by the¬†100% money back policy within the first 30 days of your purchase. Believe me, giving¬†Funnel Base a chance to prove itself to you means you are giving yourself a chance to get closed to the success. REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!
USA food Vs. Korean food.
Que tal peeps. I'm sick so I apologize if my cards are not on point like usual. I thought this video was interesting. I know when we mi familia go to Korean restaurants we don't have an issue with the differences. At mi abula's home we tend to pass food around. Heck even at my granny house who is from the south we pass food around so I am surprised how we were able to adapt with the changes at the Korean restaurant. HOW DOES YOUR FAMILY EAT? COMMENT BELOW! 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