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As if you can really expect anything from this series.
Jack Bender was recently announced as the director of several episodes in GoT's sixth season, and before he left for shooting, he dropped a couple of hints about what to expect next season. "Hints" is a loose term. Most of what he says is pretty vague because he obviously can't give away major plot points of the highly anticipated next season.
First, he describes next season as "mind-boggling". Ugh. I could have guessed that because this show has been boggling my mind for the last couple of years.
He does mention that he's read the entire script for season six. This means that although the sixth book in the series has not yet been finished (George, I'm looking at you), next season's plot has been decided. Season six will be the first time the show's plot really extends from that of the books themselves.
Worth noting here is that Jack Bender also directed a bunch of Lost episodes. At least we know he's good with shows that have cult followings, surprising plots and scenes that leave viewers going "what?!?!?!"
I'm still lost (ha ha ha) as to what The Smoke Monster's role in Lost was.
So Jack Bender pretty much told us what we already knew - season six is going to crazy and even those of you who read the books won't know what to expect.
While we're waiting for the next season, at least we can enjoy Nic Cage's face on every GoT's character.