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Just when you thought that the end of the world hype was mostly over, now that the 2012 Mayan Calendar predictions fizzled into nothing, there is terrifying NEW PROOF that the end is quickly approaching!
Making headlines today, the bubble wrap giant, Sealed Air, has ceased production of poppable air plastic sheeting! In fact, they stopped making it as of six months ago in order to make its newest innovation law of the land: unpoppable bubble wrap, which is called iBubble Wrap.
Prices for OTC bubble wrap is expected to rise significantly as the cathartic addiction empties warehouses and vanishes from store shelves. You will notice that consumer products will start arriving using "chambered air" plastic sheeting, which makes the bubbled air impossible to pop. It's estimated that the original 1960s invention will be extinct from the US marketplace altogether by the end of 2016.
What does all this mean?
It means that the end of the world is actually right around the corner. Because, truthfully, how is anyone going to survive a world sans bubble wrap?! I'm sobbing as I write this....
Those jerks. We should sue.
He's wondering what's going to happen cause we can't pop whatever those jerks are coming with now. But he's confident that he can pop those plastic sheetings!! "Me can pop dat!" my confident husband ppl!
OH NO!! The tears! They won't stop! I can't... I don't... NNNNOOOOOOOOO!
What else are supposed to do for mindless amusement?!?! Oh the horror!
@TerrecaRiley hahaha That was hilarious! Loved your rant! haha And if your husband can pop unpoppable bubble wrap, then maybe he is the answer to prevent the world coming to an end!!! :)
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