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This "The Saem" video is an ad. An ad that features SHINee. A fabulous SHINee. With flawless and beautiful skin. Doing charming and dorky things.
Alright, are you prepared?
Get ready to fall in love!
No, seriously. Make sure you're ready for this!
Are you in love with them yet? I know I am.
Did I learn anything about bb cream from this ad?
Let's be real. When were idol ads ever really about the product (for us fans, I mean)?
But, was I pleasantly reminded of how handsome SHINee is?
Seriously, they all look so handsome and adorable!
In case you need a recap of the ad, here you go (You're welcome!) XD
How can they be so cute?!
Jonghyun looks great, but what's Key looking at?
Did Key just do a mini hair flip? Keep on slayin! (Taemin looks so lost, lol)
Oh, hi there Minho. Charming us with your smile, huh?
My SHINee bias. Look at that hair! ^_^