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The likely lads are back! Without notice the band released new video Gunga Din from their upcoming come back album "Anthems For Doomed Youth"
The band decided to make it's return after Pete Doherty successfully completed a rehabilitation program in Thai Land. Their reunion was shocking to most fans, as the band had some arguably irreparable issues after the release of their second album. The video is classic Libertines, equipped with brotherly interactions between Pete and Carl, and wicked wardrobe choices. The band looks great, keeping with the shambolic tradition of messy, dangerous, raw rock and roll. The video was shot in Thailand's red light district shortly after the album was completed. The track itself is a real rocker, and builds from a sort of barbershop ragga into an all out sing-along. 1 verse is sung by each of the front men and it's a track that will definitely connect with the modern rock audience. The self deprecating bleak and honest lyrics are a breath of fresh air. The song is as catchy as any of their old hits, but provides an incredible new sense of maturity and just the right amount of polish to an already amazing sound. This album is going to be killer.
Yeah, around mid September, the 15th or so?
word! i'll be sure to give it a listen before the new one is released. is there any indication as to when it will be released?
@jeff4122, well the self titled is amazing! Highly recommend Up The Bracket in its entirety. It's a modern classic. The Arctic Monkeys wouldn't exist without that record.
Definitely pumped for the record.
@TessStevens love the self-titled one. Don't know that much else but I do like what I hear.... so.. this should be good.
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