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Let's Show Some Fandom Pride!

You Know This Feel

I got this feeling at like 3am while watching Netflix. I drew some porny fanart and I wrote some smutty fanfic. Can't help it, I just think that they would make such a good pair, In canon they have never met—I don't care, I ship it. I don't care!
I think we've all been there. That magic feeling when you find a 100,000+ fic with your favorite ship and you ideal combination of tropes. The loving exhcange of fic and fanart during a big bang. The sleepless nights spent chatting with your friend on the other side of the world. Fans are a special breed of people. We have so much love for our otps and we don't care who know it.

I wanna know that I'm not the only one. Who else here is so deep down the fandom well they can't remember how they got here?

Just in case the image doesn't load for you it says: ao3 mcu a:aou abo bdsm ot3 hs au pwp.

Who else can translate that long string of nonsense?

Well ok, it's not *nonsense*, I know exactly what it means. And if the pairings were right I'd probably read it!

Seriously fans, we have our own language!

That's amazing! We should be proud of all the weirdness and idiosyncrasies of our community.

Oh terrible angelfire websites, how I miss you.

I've been in fandom for a really long time. Like, printed out fanfic to share with friends at school long. Long enough for there to be really embarassing evidence. A screenshot of the website I ran is the second image in this block. I'm talking a late 90s-early aughts weaboo phase. I'm gonna leave a link to the fully unleashed terror that my twelve-year-old self run wild on the internet, but ONLY BECAUSE I've got this sneaking suspicion that I wasn't the only one. (Maybe if you're nice I'll actually post like... good stuff).

I know that this stuff is kind of ridiculous.

And people outside of fandom Just Don't Get It. It can be kind of lonely sometimes when you feel like the only person in the world that loses it over ships or keeps pictures of your otp in your wallet.

We do:

Write songs for our otp Stay up all night making fanmixes Peddle smut Write recaps and reviews Cosplay Produce incredible photo manips And gorgeous art Write epic-length fics Attend cons
We basically give our lives to our fandoms in a lot of ways. We dedicate so much time to creating and sharing fanworks, we rewatch our favorite series and movies over and over again, and we forge lasting friendships with each other in the process. It's not a waste of time. Our passion is something to be proud of. We put a lot of hard work into building and maintaining our communities, and anyone that doesn't get it isn't worth our time.

I wanna hear about your first otp. I wanna know how you survived the last flame war. I want your fic recs and your trash ships. I want your canon meta and your fanon theoroes.

Tell me in the comments, or make your own card and tag me! I just wanna know who else is out there ;)
that song I love that.
lmao is that Ginny Diguiseppi the cosplayer in that music video? @shannonl5
I feel
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