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Maybe you're at the theater seeing the newest Pixar, or maybe you are just chilling at home watching a movie with friends. Either way their are strict rules you should be following to make the movie an enjoyable experience for everyone.
And here you thought seeing a movie with friends would be fun and easy.
1. Do not spend the whole movie checking your phone
Nothing is more annoying then someone checking their phone throughout the entire movie, especially if your friend, who really wants you to see the movie, is right there with you. It just gives off the vibe that you do not care, which makes the other person feel awkward during the whole movie because they feel like they are forcing you to watch it.
Although I will admit, I am super guilty of this during the last Divergent movie. It was just so bad.
2. Don't say you don't want popcorn then eat all of mine
I love popcorn, especially movie theater popcorn. I will always, always, always, by popcorn while I'm at the movies and load it with extra butter! And please don't get me wrong, I have no problem sharing (I usually get the large anyway). But don't you dare try to say to me you don't want to split some popcorn and then I constantly find you taking fistfuls of my sweet buttery goodness away from me.
Thats just a movie foul if I ever saw one.
3. Dont yell out stupid stuff
I hate when people yell random stuff at the movie theater. It is always during a very pivotal moment and completely kills the mood and destroys the movie. I find this usually happens during scary movies or movies with huge followings, (i.e. Harry Potter, Hunger Games ext).
If you are home and rewatching something with your friends, TOTALLY FINE. But don't ruin everyone else's time because you need to have a room full of strangers listen to your joke.
4. Miss the previews
The previews are the best part of the movie! I love watching the half an hour full of upcoming trailers and then looking to my friends to tell them "we havvvvve to see that". The previews get you in the mood for the movie, and without them you don't get all your talking out, and you can not, I repeat can not, talk during the movies. Which is pretty hard but I'm working on it!
@JackMehoff right!! and i loveeeee how the brain was just designed with the train of thought and all the shelves ! Pixar has the most creative minds! I can't imagine what it would be like working for them !
I liked it a lot, and have been recommending it to others. I think it offered a really neat way of looking at how memories, experiences & emotions shape our worldview & interactions.
@JackMehoff what!!! i adore the previewssss!!! What did you think of inside out? i wrote a whole card about how it was the craziest pixar movie since like Nemo
I'm hoooorrrible at not talking during movies. I can always think of something funny to say, and sometimes it's really hard to hold in!
Personally, despite the flaws in the man's actions vs. behavior, i've been mighty pissed in the past, & i cheered this guy's actions. (shot a man for texting in a movie)
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