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I recently wrote a card about Josh Groban’s all-broadway album “Stages” and his love of musicals. Here are some role Groban probably should’ve taken on Broadway.
Pics by
It would not be miserable with Josh.
I mean he already has the perfect facial hair.
Joshie and teen angst? I think yes.
He would totally Shrek this role!
It’s just too perfect...
Make sure to tag me so I can appropriately join you to scream with joy.
YES! AH! Expect a card coming very soon! @danidee
Also can I momentarily fangirl over the fact that Spring Awakening is getting a Broadway revival..
Me too! I saw them sitting together at the Tonys and I couldn’t help but AWE out loud @danidee. Their relationship is pretty much the epitome of #relationshipgoals for me.
I hope Kat Dennings gets a cameo. The fact they're dating makes my heart happy pretty much all of the time.
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