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Unlock Any Door With A Water Bottle
Is there anything worse than being locked out of your house? Okay, maybe leaving Wal-greens just to realize I forgot to get MY FAV liquid eye liner! UGH! But seriously, here is an innovative method to using a water bottle to unlock your house!

Easy Instructions:

1. Cut out a rectangle piece of plastic that is BIGGER than your house key.
2. Carefully burn the FLAT SIDE of your house key until it turns black with soot; let COOL.
3. GENTLY place a piece of clear tape over the soot of the key; press FIRMLY.
4. Peel the tape off and place DIRECTLY onto the plastic rectangle.
5. Take your time and BE PRECISE when cutting out the key from the rectangle plastic.
6. LEAVE a sizable piece of plastic at the head of the key to hold onto.
*This tutorial is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used unlawfully. Had to throw that in since this was my fiance's diy idea. Thank you! <3
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I need to try this out. Though I feel like it would need to be a pretty thick piece of plastic to actually work. The metal of the lock would likely just bend the flmisier plastics
Plastic bottles are pretty sturdy for this. I saw it on YT and the guy was like, Make sure you use plastic bottles. It's supposed to be flexible enough to maneuver the channels in the lock.
hmm okay well I'll be sure to give it a try and see if maybe I don't need a spare key anymore