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There are specific times in our lives for which we aren't sure how to approach, how to act, and most importantly, how to dress.
What to wear... to meet the parents?
What to wear... for a skype interview?
Help me help you! I want to help you get dressed, figure out what to wear and what to wear to get you through those tricky situations and special occasions with style. Do you have a strange special ocassion coming up? Do you have a mind boggling situation for which you don't know what to wear? Do you just want me to help you shop? I'm here for you.
If you have other tricky situations you'd like me to write guides for, leave your ideas in the comments or direct message me!
@LizArnone @allischaaff @Gavriella First off, I'm so flattered that someone wants my opinions haha馃槃 Second, I'm also fair-skinned and when I burn I feel it's safest to first put some cooling aloe gel on the burns, avoid lifting your arms at all cost, and avoid putting clothes on the areas with tender skin. Maybe a light tank top with a bandeau and some cotton shorts with a cute design?
@MichelleHolly thanks! That's great advice. I was also wondering if you had ideas for card topics, or tricky situations if you will, that I can advise people on how to dress for! For instance, "What to Wear When You Have a Sunburn," etc.
@Gavriella thank god!!! haha make sure you @ me in it!! looking forward to seeing your ideas!
@LizArnone you don't need to wear sweats! I'm pretty fair-skinned so I get burned all too often and dressing for it is such a struggle... I'm going to address this soon :)
@allischaaff @Gavriella i second the dressing when sunburned !!! i am currently going through the struggle of being at work with a wicked burn. The thought of just wearing sweats did cross my mind...
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