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Today in the News...

1. Poppable Bubble Wrap is Going Away. I noise we will have to find something else to do for mindless amusement...because that's a wrap, folks!
2. The Job Count for June is out. I must profess(ion) that it is missing some more. So I careerly needed to recommend a few.
3. Add a Selfie to the Snapchat Ghost logo. It’s pretty easy to face the future of technology.
4. California passed one of the strictest Vaccination Bill’s in the Nation. No more measling out of your doctors visits!
5. The President Doesn’t Want Peas in his Guacamole. He is not PEAsed with the flavor.
This card is part of my Punny News collection. I write funny news stuffs.
No more bubble wrap?! How will i go on in life?!
I know right @jokes! Maybe we need to start saving up all the old bubble wrap now!
Nice puns. Took me longer than it should to catch on. I shake my first at those bubble wrap ppls!!
I had no idea about the California vaccination law. That's really strict (especially by California standards), but they probably really need(les) it!
now I want bubble wrap
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