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Blazers are the go-to pieces of professional fashion, but why are they so boring? Come on, I don't want to wear just a black or navy one. I want to still be able to have fun with my professional attire. Here are the best ways to spice up your blazers!

Blazer in a print

The easiest way to spice up your blazer is to find one with a fun print. Floral prints are great for adding some flair while still keeping it professional. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit neutral and simple when you are wearing a blazer with a bold print.

Blazer in a bold color

Another way to add some unique flair to your work outfits is by wearing a bright colored blazer. You can go all out and rock a blazer in a bright pink or red hue, or keep it a little more subdued in a blazer in jewel tones, such as blue or burgundy. As with the printed blazers, it's best to keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple to keep it looking professional.

Blazer in a unique fabric

You can also change up your professional attire with a blazer in an interesting fabric, like tweed or crepe. Trying a blazer in a textured fabric can spice up your outfit without crossing the line into unprofessional.

Blazer with fun details

Look for blazers that have a different form than the traditional blazer with a collar and buttons. Blazers with zippers, blazers in a peplum shape or collarless blazers are just a few examples of blazers that offer unique detailing to spice up your professional outfit.

Spicing up your blazers will give you that extra boost of confidence so that you can nail every work day!

most def! sophisticated and put together :)
@jordanhamilton totally agree! They are a great way to look a little more sophisticated :)
Absolutely love blazers! Def my go to after leather jackets. So perfect to dress an outfit up.