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I've had sleep issues for the greater part of my life, and it has not been easy to be productive and on top of my work. Although creating a workaholic lifestyle for myself had to be a byproduct of not being able to sleep, I don't recommend it. Here's what has worked for me and hasn't, just so you can get a little closer to solving those sleep deprivation issues that often silently sideline you from your life. Literally everything suffers when you don't sleep, so here are a few small ways to fix it.

What Does Not Work:

1. Drinking A lot

I used to think this was the only way for me to get to sleep. When you drink more than you should, your body gets really tired and we've all experienced that feeling of falling asleep on the way home, in the cab or wherever because we're too drunk. Although you fall asleep quickly, the quality of sleep depletes faster than you can say Jager Bomb. Skip the booze.

2. Staying up as long as possible in order to facilitate binge sleeping

Catching up on sleep is kind of a myth. No matter how long you sleep, you'll never recover the hours you lose due to insomnia-tic issues. Pulling all-nighters on purpose is never a good idea, you'll just be twice as tired as before.

3. Sleep medication

Okay, this may just be me, but over the counter sleep medication never helps me. Melatonin, Zquil, whatever. It's not healthy, natural sleep. If you're prescribed something, don't abuse it, but also if you can avoid pills all together and just generate your own sleep cycle, then you'll be way better off in the long run. Trust me.

What Works:

1. Exercise!

Yeah, yeah, bullshit right? But if you just do a little bit of exercise before bed it'll help your sleep cycle. There are a million articles about this, but I'll spare you the details. Endorphins kick ass, make you happier and increase your ability to shut down your mind. Employ the little suckers and you'll see a definite improvement.

2. Reading

I love to read a book before bed. Physical, old-school, paperback books are the best to ward off the insomnia demons. No harsh light to blind you or keep your brain moving, it's soothing and a nice release if you're at a computer for most of the day.

3. Starting A dream

If you're having trouble getting to sleep, I've found that starting up my own dream is really effective. I pick a scenario that I want to dream about and then I just start like daydreaming about it, and before you know it your dream takes over the consciousness and makes it easy to fall into sleep.
Losing sleep can have a crazy bad effect on you. And I know you're thinking "well, duh" but seriously, look that shit up. Or, just read this.
not being a joker here. weed. I know it's illegal but if you get the good stuff. man. I have been dog tired before, over worked and what I'll do is some a blunt or two and then fall asleep around 11pm or 12am and wake up almost a perfect 8 hours later. it's like it's reset my sleep schedule and restored my sleep. and it's not a forced wake up. I wake up feeling refreshed like I can conquer the world. I stopped because it's illegal and it could risk my job but if you are in a position to use it. find a friend whom uses wisely and doesn't abuse it to get you started. it's non addictive too and if you control your usage only small cheap amounts will be needed.
@TessStevens @redwolf1984 where do I find these stones??
yes these stones most definitely helped me feel safe and at peace. i normally use them for my readings but with my busy schedule, cant keep up. i do wear my amethyst stone necklace everyday to make sure im not annoying towards others or vice versa
i have cleansed my bedroom and put rose quartz and amethyst stones at the corners of my bed. i felt calm and happy. but it was too much work to do everynite. so i just stay up and sleep for 3-2 hrs ( '-')
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