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Summer Secret Phone Book


When you're out at the beach or the lake this summer, here's a cool diy craft to keep your keys, wallet and phone safe!
Please, for the love, do not destroy good books. Find a book that's literally falling apart to do this. Open the book about 20 pages and trace your phone or something bigger.
Using an exacto blade and a straight edge, trip out the pages as deep as you'd like.
Using standard glue, brush it on the inside and outside edges of the book pages. Let this dry 24 hours at least. Apply a second coat for extra durability.
Pretty cool right?! I'm so doing this for this summer! Have you seen my other summertime ideas? Check them out here!
just make sure you don't use some antique 1st edition book, when doing this lol
Sounds like you're just trying to hate. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing.
@kimjongdaily I thought this was a cute way to keep an old book around. Most would just toss it to the trash. It's an example of upcycling, which is very popular among diyers. What kinds of projects do you prefer that aren't so dumb? I will post those for your enjoyment
@lvplus2 orrrr im just giving my opinion
I see what you mean @kimjongdaily Books that are tattered or falling apart, which is what I recommend for this project, would typically get discarded if they were donated. Believe it or not, not everything donated makes it to the sales floor. Books in particular. If they are falling apart, they will not be put out to be sold. The method of upcycling saves the book from the trash heap.
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Introduction Beyond the capability for making a room feel brighter, the addition of a design-friendly mirror in the room will make a room look more spacious. You can undertake a project to hang portrait painting in the house for enhancing the look of your house to a greater extent. You can position the portrait painting in different ways for guaranteeing a stupendous and royal look in your house. The addition of few artistic portrait paintings will help in bringing a natural as well as royal look to your house to a greater extent. The look becomes strikingly beautiful that creates amazing decorative accents. Following we have produced amazingly chic and easy ways to embellish blanks walls with portrait painting. Read it and decorate your blank house walls accordingly: a. Utilizing Portrait Painting as the Focal Point If you have a few portraits that you would like to emphasize in your house, try to make them the focal point of a wall. For instance, if you would like to create a wall of founders of the USA, you should incorporate them in a wall and give paintings a central place in the room. Whether you want to hang the historic paintings in the study room or living room, you should hang them in an organized and ordered manner. You should renovate the wall before hanging the portraits. Homeowners can contrast the color of the wall with the frames. This will create a harmonious and royal look in your house. b. Using Self-Portrait on a wall Do you have a blank wall in your house? How about embellishing it with your portrait painting? You can use your self-portraits on a blank wall in your house. For hanging your self-portrait in the house, you should consider the placement of the portraits, colors of the wall, furniture colors, and other thematic considerations. Remember that an oversized self-portrait in a small room will set a harmonious tone. So, you can hang your oversized self-portrait for the increasing look of your bedroom. c. Portraits and the Papers The styles of portraits are not limited. You can purchase as well as create highly stylish portraits. Homeowners can get portrait-themed wall painting art for hanging oil portraits. It will create an amazing look in your room. The combination will create an eclectic and beautiful look. d. Laughter and Smiles on the Staircase The smiling and laughing portraits of strangers on the staircase are a powerful interior décor idea. It will score a lot of points. Visitors will love the entire look of your staircase in the house. Two strange faces on the staircase may not look alike but their smiles complement each other to a greater extent. e. New Things with Old Things Match Well If you do not have a lot of free time, no worries. You can create a royal look in your house by hanging a traditional oil painting portrait. But you should complement it with your modern and contemporary-styled furniture. You can also add additional modern interior décor items that create a meaningful statement in your house. For instance, you can add coffee tables, leopard chairs, and modern sofa designs along with a 16-th century styled portrait on the wall. This will blend well and produce an outstanding look in the living room. f. Hanging a Group of Four or Three Portraits Another amazing yet simple way to produce a stylish look on a blank is by hanging three to four portraits. The portraits should be hung in an ordered and organized manner. Conclusion By following the above-mentioned tips, you will create harmonious yet amazingly stylish looks on the blank walls of your house.