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When you're out at the beach or the lake this summer, here's a cool diy craft to keep your keys, wallet and phone safe!
Please, for the love, do not destroy good books. Find a book that's literally falling apart to do this. Open the book about 20 pages and trace your phone or something bigger.
Using an exacto blade and a straight edge, trip out the pages as deep as you'd like.
Using standard glue, brush it on the inside and outside edges of the book pages. Let this dry 24 hours at least. Apply a second coat for extra durability.
Pretty cool right?! I'm so doing this for this summer! Have you seen my other summertime ideas? Check them out here!
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Regardless, I still don't see this particular project as anything outstanding or useful. @daniachicago
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Sounds like you're just trying to hate. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing.
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@lvplus2 orrrr im just giving my opinion
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Thanks @lvplus2 I am all about DIY projects that involve upcycling or finding new ways to use old things...such as old tattered books. Now, if you ever found yourself with a copy of the Voynich Manuscript or a Bible or something like that, then I'd probably ADVISE against tearing the book apart. LOL ,<3 :-)
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