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Why New Pack?

Because we've all been there. It's called love. You take your bike to the movies, to work, on long windy journeys to unknown destinations; up sweaty hillsides to watch beautiful sunsets. You turn down invitations to ride the subway, to carpool, to walk down the block, even when it's with a date. At times, they just get in the way.Then, suddenly! Things get complicated. Your shoes are scuffed, your jeans; threadbare. Even a messenger bag is too cumbersome, and taking off your entire bag to get to your bike lock every time you stop just doesn't seem right. Luckily, that's where our packs come in.Minimal, light, and designed with the urban rider's needs specifically in mind, this backpack will take your love for riding to the next level. We thought long and hard about all the relationship woes we have with our current packs, and incorporated some smart solutions into our design. Best of all? It's manufactured in the U.S.A.


If you ride with a bag or not, this is a project that has great potential. Not only is the design sleek, it is also very practical; the size, weight, and accessibility. This is a kickstart that deserves the support of all cyclists; from the trails to the peloton.
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Thank you to all who pledged for this kickstarter. The project has been completely funded before the deadline!