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Don't you wish you could turn off your feelings?
Now, I'm not saying that this is, in any way, a solution to fixing any love problems, but there are situations when your feelings for someone aren't doing anything good for anyone, and it would honestly be better if you could turn them off or find a different way to push past them.
I've found a few ways to "turn off my feelings", like:
- Develop a thicker skin. I've always been an emotional person but when I started working I learned how to not let everything effect me so much. This can help when you like someone you shouldn't, because their little "nice" or "mean" moments won't say your whole emotional state.
- Don't let their actions hurt you. Especially if you're in a crushing on someone who's taken situation. Them refusing to hang out with you is either A) because they're not interested or B) because it'd be way out of line. Either way, don't let what they say or do hurt your feelings. Think about why they're doing it, sure, but don't take it personally.
- Distance & distract yourself. Spend time with friends, watching movies, playing games, and do your best not to sit around over thinking things (though I know that's hard!!) Distancing yourself from the situation can help make sure that you switch off your feelings, or to figure out what you need to do to work through them.
- Start a journal! At first, you'll feel like you're lingering because you'll be writing about those feelings all the time, but the more you write about them, the more you can work through them, and the better you'll be able to negotiate what you should do!

How do you guys deal with inconvenient feelings?

@onesmile Lol!!! You gotta confront them at some point!!!
@ChristinaBryce But....but!!!!
HOnestly I don't think I deal with them...I just let myself wallow in it all until it passes, and then get sad again the next time it comes.....oops?