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Poverty is only the absence of money, yet we all strive for one thing whilst avoiding the other. Either we give money to others, or we take money from others. However, we cannot create wealth; nither physical, nor spiritual, nor intelectual. Cause and effect: we become rich only by accumulating currency from our world. We are forced into interacting with life, simply because we are alive. But here is what I believe. All matter will take shape in both a physical and an abstract existence. Every object has both a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning. Value is what we call this duality. And it is a fictitious existence spawned by our impulses to understand and to define. By definition we give it whatever importance we allow it to hold. Money is not important! It is small, trivial, and indiferente. How we learn to obtain it is an expression of our ingenuity and how we spend it is the embodiment of our morality. What will your endeavor be; will you define it or will it define you?
this is an awesome philosophical thought. I like how you've essentially made money, though inherently valueless, obtain new meaning based on the way that the individual interacts with it.
If everyone in the world read and understood these words, I think many people would be much happier.