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The city of Caesarea was built by Herod the great, around 25 bc, in honor of Augustus Caesar. Augustus and Herod were  friends since childhood, and the stories of their rise to power are interwoven. Herod was exactly the kind of person that Augustus envisioned in the local leadership of his Empire. He was brilliant, innovative and a younger sibling, driven by the ambition to prove himself as better than his older brothers. Just as Julius Caesar was looking for the same kind of men as recruits to his army while promising them land in conquered territories, Augustus was on the look for them as those who will materialise his Pax Romana vision, by serving as engineers, architects and local leaders. If you'd stand in the place where this picture was taken, some 2000 years ago, what you would see is the piers of the port, the first ever that were built by casting cement into floating molds, and the magnificent city stretching few miles to the north. Caesarea's water supply came from one of the greatest water aqueducts, built to that time, that its construction was a marvel by itself. Caesarea served as the administrative center of the Judaea province, and then as the capital of the Byzantine Palestina province until the Arab conquest at the 7th century AD. Since then, although being populated for most of the time, it never regained the size or importance of its glory days. Today, most of the lands of Caesarea are owned by the Rothschild Family, and are populated by some of the richest people in Israel, The Rothschilds operate this luxourious villas residency through their operations fund. Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is one of the notable residents.