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Stop Doing These Things To Your Hair

Healthy hair starts with a healthy habit. It's nearly impossible to prevent all types of hair damage, but you can minimize it. The best way to do this is stop doing the things that are harming your hair! I'm also guilty of it, so let's work on it one by one!

1. Stop picking at your split ends.

I learned this one from a beauty school. When you're picking your hair and pull at your ends, you're snapping off the hair to a shorter length. This process is similar to cutting your hair except it's a bad way to cut your ends. You're basically leaving it broken and fragile. If you remember my split-end explanation, the damage will only spread higher up the shaft. By the time you visit the salon for a trim, you might need to cut more inches to reverse the damage.

2. Stop compulsive twirling.

It's cute and all but don't let your hands ruin your strands. Find something else to keep your hands occupied if you're nervous (e.g. pen).

3. Stop avoiding trims.

Trimming your hair regularly will prevent split ends. If you leave your ends unchecked you, the split end might spread as mentioned above.

4. Stop brushing your hair too much.

There's a saying that 100 strokes a day will give you beautiful, long hair. WRONG. This will cause unnecessary breakage. A few strokes to detangle will do.

5. Stop brushing hair while wet.

Use a wide tooth comb to gentle smooth hair out.

6. Stop using hair spray with heat styling tool.

Most hair spray contains alcohol content. When it is in contact with heat it will burn. Use a thermal protector before styling your hair any heat styling tool and use hairspray only afterward.
Not picking split ends is the hardest for me to stop! I tend to do it when I'm bored, waiting for the subway, etc.
@skee292 I totally understand. I used to have a problem with picking my hair when I'm nervous. It doesn't look good when I'm doing a presentation, so I had to stop.
what about mousse?
Ugh I'm such a twirler -__- I need to stop, mostly because it makes me look so babyish. But now that I know it also damages hair?? Stopping immediately!!
I can't use hairspray anyway :)
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