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Someone shared this new Youtube series called "The Cosplay Closet" on Reddit and I am so glad they did, because this is an idea I can get behind!!
Basically, the idea is to take the idea of cosplay (the embodiment of a character, bringing them to live, respecting & admiring them, etc) and finding ways to do more casual looks! I've seen a lot of cosplayers at cons actually doing stuff like this and always thought it was really cool!
But it's even cooler to see people kind of dress like the characters they love in daily life, too, without all the extravagance that cosplays can have.
I hope they keep making cool vids!!! This ones about Elsa but I'd love to see other characters, too.
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Whoa, what a fun idea!! I like how these ladies are having SO much fun in the video :) you can tell they're really passionate about cosplaying and fashion in general. Thanks for sharing @vulpix :)
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