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I've been having so much fun making all-natural products since using essential oils and knowing exactly what I am putting in and on my it saves money too. Here is a great summer body scrub/face mask. It exfoliates, nourishes, and moisturizes my skin. The lemon essential oils can help reduce wrinkles, acne, and minimize sun and age spots! Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl then transfer to an airtight glass container and store out of direct sunlight! I use it at night about 3 times a week as a face mask. Leave on 5-10 minutes.
Young Living Oils has so much more to offer. If you have any interest in ordering a Premium Starter Kit and receiving a 24% discount, use this link. Choose (Wholesale) Member and the Premium Starter Kit (USD160). Send me a message if you have any questions!!! I promise, you will love them!!
@fourstargeneral...YAY! So glad you tried it and so glad it is working for you!! I LOVE this scrub!
Have you ever looked into Young Living's essential oils? All of their oils are amazing!! AND you can take them internally which is amazing!
@curateyoga Me too! It really helps!
Thank you for posting this! I tried this out and it works for me!