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I normally don't post about news, but I can't help but share about this romantic story.
Warning: Have a box of tissue handy because you will be needing a handful.
A couple of weeks after the Stampers tied the knot, wife, Justice, got into a car accident that made her lost all her memory post-proposal.
This what Jeremy said on his GoFundMe page,
"About a month after the accident she finially told me. She said "I don't want you to be mad....but I do not remember the wedding." I was heart broken and instantly said I would do it all again for her. She has memory loss from about 5 weeks before the wedding, which is when we actually started to plan and put the wedding ideal into motion, and up to the accident. She didn't even know we were married. She couldn't believe it. I promised her I would take care of her and now here we are, The Stamper Wedding Round 2."
Young and in love, the couple are only in their early 20s! It was a tragic that led to blessings.
You can watch their interview here. The couple will be walking down the aisle again on their first wedding anniversary, on Aug. 1.
That is so sweet of him!!! God I can't imagine how much that must just feel not remember so many important things...I hope she can someday remember her 1st wedding, but even if she can't, she'll remember this one!!
WOW! This is incredible! How remarkable that he put another wedding together for her. That's just wonderful