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We're not slobs, We're just low-maintenance.

People often have an impression that low-maintenance girls are lazy but the truth is we just enjoy the simpler things in life and we're happy with it. We don't need the latest fashion or a room full of makeup. Why? Let me GIF you an overview of our life:
1. Leggings are the best thing we own. Matches everything and it's comfy. You can't beat that.
2. A messy bun or ponytail = our go to hair styles. All day, every day.
3. If you ever question why our hair is always straight when it's down. It's because we rather sleep in than curl our hair in the morning.
4. We would always choose flats over heels. Because comfort is key.
5. If you ever start a conversation about makeup...we probably wouldn't understand. Our definition of makeup is eyeliner and lip balm.
6. Our shower caddy only consist of the basics - shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Because ain鈥檛 nobody got time for any of that other fancy stuff.
7. We can live in our pjs if we can. No questions asked!
8. We prefer Dominos Pizza over eating out in a five-star restaurant anytime. Because we don't have to stress about dressing up.
9. We would never contemplate buying designers brands. Nope, never.
10. But if we do, it's always from the clearance section. 75% off? We'll take that!
11. What's our favorite thing to do? Catch up with some sleep.
I guess I'm a low maintenance girl and never realized it.
my aunt (who is a hottie) suggested that I spend more time my hair and "fix up" myself for my husband. My husband said "Terreca, I love you just the way you are! You no need fi change no'n!"-this the reason I married him. We need more men who can appreciate a low maintenance woman, it would work out better for them. They do exist but they are so few!
love it! guys should really appreciate the low maintenance girls! we have more quality time to spend!
@TerrecaRiley yeah i mostly go bare face wherever i go. at night...i dabble with eyeliner and mascara
So soooooo VERY happy to know I'm not alone. This described me 100%. I used to think my "problem" was being a tomboy. Then I grew up and could only describe myself as a minimalist. Now of course, I say I'm low-maintenance in all things, except emotionally high maintenance. People in my life have got to BE present. 馃榿
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