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Shun Oguri and Satomi Ishihara are set to reprise their roles from hit Fuji TV series RICH MAN, POOR WOMAN in an upcoming SP that will air sometime in spring 2013. The 1 episode special will involve Makoto (Satomi Ishihara) returning to Japan for a one week stay (she's working in Brazil for a 21 month period). In Japan, Makoto stays at Toru's (Shun Oguri) home and conflicts arise because of their different personalities. In addition Arata Iura will also reprise his role of Kosuke Asahina.
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it is not a video but a gif. you can download as many as you like from tumblr - rich man, poor woman, or anything you want, but store them as pictures not as videos...
It will be possible of post this video (;list=PL6D42E0837D0F31D1&amp;index=8on) another video site ? 'cause it's in unavailable ><. Or if there is another link plese let me know ^^
this is so awesome!!!! i love RMPW!!!