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If you have ever had a panic attack or anxiety attack, you know the feeling it brings over you: Something is wrong. You're having a heart attack, your dying, your body is shutting down! You need help! You can't breath! You're mind is moving 100 miles per hour. You can't think straight. It's terrifying I know. So what exactly are those horrifying, traumatizing moments??? They are an adrenaline rush. Right now you're thinking, "Say whaaaat?!?! Bull crap!" But that is EXACTLY what those mind bending, flip your world upside down moments are! Can you believe it?! Crazy right? So, here's a little good news: Panic attacks and anxiety attacks can't kill you! Nope! Yes, you feel like you are dying, but you aren't. It's like a balls to the wall, super speed adrenaline rush. Who freaking knew?!?! I did. 馃槈
So many people feel like they are up against something that no one else can comprehend, they feel alone, and feel like the "black sheep" in world. But, that's just not true. SO MANY people feel the same emotions! You are definitely not alone!
<3 <3 <3 <3 I love this. What I HATE is the feeling I get when I'm having a panic/anxiety attack where I feel like I'm losing breath or somehow drowning in plain air. It's nice to know I'm not alone and that other people have similar experiences.
@2Distracted thank you ^_^
@shannonl5 @danidee One thing that's helped me in the middle oh high anxiety and panic is to speak out loud fact and truth to override the feelings the anxiety is producing that are just that temporary feelings. Even tho in the moment those feelings are powerful I try to remember that because I'm still here after many anxiety panic attacks proves the feelings are temporary and I will make it. I try to remind myself of that. For me separating fact from feeling and speaking it lessens the power of the attack. Great post thanks for sharing!
There are breathing techniques, running(running wears you out which also brings your adrenaline down) Everyone has certain things that work for them, so find what works the best for you.
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