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Make your must-have wedding color pop without bashing your guests over the head with it! Whatever your favorite color is, the best advice is to use it in profound ways, rather than in a massive attack.
These low table centerpieces seen in this wash of pink looks rich and magnificent because the use of the magenta is used sparingly. The illusion works like this, the less you have of something, the more noticeable it is. If you were to use ONLY magenta flowers, the color itself would get lost in a band of color. You'd see it, but just as quickly forget about it. Not to mention, you'd ignore the delicate beauty of the premium florals that make up the centerpiece.
You're paying through the nose for fresh gorgeous flowers. You're also paying for a designer to make it happen. Make sure you're getting exactly what you want. By that, I mean, if you love the color blue, don't make everything blue. Make smart strategic decisions to highlight things in that color--using it sparingly. This is where the high impact is going to come in.
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