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I remember the way I used to smile whenever I heard your name.

I hadn't smiled that way in awhile, until now. I missed it -- but I can't say I miss you. I mean, you hurt me. My first love and my first serious heartbreak. Talk about a mix of emotions. While my heart was in remission from being misused and abused, I learned to love myself.
It took getting hurt to take such a brave step, but I finally mustered up the courage. I'm grateful for the pain because in turn it brought about pleasure. I've never loved someone as much as I loved myself and I'm kind of sad it took so long for me to do so.
Thank you for showing me what love was not, so that I could learn to teach myself what love was. I wish you love and light. Praying the next girl who falls head over heels for you, will at least know what it means to love herself so that just maybe, she can save herself the misery.