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We've played this game before, but if you need a reminder, here are the rules:
Step 1: Pick three characters Step 2: Decide who you'd marry, boink, and kill Step 3: ???? Step 4: Profit

I handled step 1 for you, you've probably got the rest covered right?

From the BBC adaptation: John, Sherlock & Lestrade

Dang, this game is stone-cold sometimes. I love Lestrade, but I wouldn't want to marry him- he has too many marital troubles as it is! I'd marry Sherlock, and boink John (does anyone else want to know if the nickname "Three Continents Watson" was well-earned?). Which means I'd have to kill Lestrade.

From Elementary: Mycroft, Sherlock & Joan

This one is a little easier. As much as I like Rhys Ifans, I didn't care for his character, so I'd probably kill Mycroft. I'd boink Sherlock, because I get the impression he'd be Talented with a capital T. And I'd marry Joan, because' she's brilliant and amazing and I love her.

From the guy Ritchie: Watson, Simza & Holmes

This one is hard again. Ugh. Why do I do this to myself? I'd boink Holmes, because I suspect that marrying him would result in me getting fridged or something. I'd marry Simza. I get the impression we'd have a good time together. But of course this means I'd have to kill Watson. T_T
User @nicolejb played last time, but anyone else should feel free to join in!
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YES! Everyone should do this...Because when do you get a chance to play a game that you did in middle school with Sherlock characters?! ;)