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Alright, this is a simple twist on the "tacobell crunchwrap" every stoner loves all too well. And when they're not "open till midnight or later" or if you just have the munchies this at 3am, you gotta try this.

What you need:

•boneless skinless chicken breast •one potato •olive oil •spices •shredded pepperjack cheese •a few slices of jalapeno •one of them giant burrito type tortillas

How to make it:

•season and fry your chopped potato and chicken breast in a few Tbs. of oliveoil until fully cooked. layout the giant tortilla on the counter and take the cooked chicken breast and place it in the middle of the tortilla place fried potato on top of chicken breast dress with shredded cheese and jalapeno slices. wrap in all sides of the tortilla bringing all edged to the center, mimicking a tacobell crunchwrap. place in frying pan again until tortilla is goldenbrown on both sides and cheese on the inside is melted.

enjoy with a side of ranch or BBQ sauce 💋

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Mmmm. This looks so good!!! I want to try dipping it in salsa